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Get a License

In order to get a Premium license, it needs to be bought from our shop’s product page.


  • Depending on the software, you may need to choose the type of license:
    A. Personal: has the minimal features for home usage
    B. Technician: specially designed for technicians, who need to work on customers machines
  • You will also need to to choose the period of the license, between 1 year, 2 years or lifetime. A 1 year or 2 years license will expire after the period, and will cease to work (unless renewed). A lifetime license works forever.
  • Finally, you will need to choose a number of devices for your license. Devices are physical or virtual machines, so if you have 2 laptops, 3 desktops and 5 virtual machines (Windows) on it you will need to purchase a 10-devices license. One installed, software updates or machine reinstall should not consume a new installation.
  • To finish, add your license item to cart, and proceed to checkout.


After the purchase, you will receive your license by email.
A typical license is made of your license email, and a key:

license email: youremail@domain.com

License keys are defined for a certain number of devices (installations).
If not a lifetime license, they also have an expiration date.

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