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Collaborative Workflow

YaraEditor provides advanced workflow with user permissions so that everyone can team up and build Yara signatures for your products. From draft to production.

Search for existing rules with our advanced queries, create discussions, threat pages and much more.

Yara Syntax Validation

Create your yara rules with our form-based creation page, and review syntax with highilght preview

Verify the validity of your rule against our syntax checker, with errors/warnings display.

Test Framework

YaraEditor web provides multiple ways for testing your rules before pushing them to production. They can be tested against files, buffers or text.

Make sure you don't push rules that will introduce false positives, or that simply don't work, heat up the tests !


Marc B. - August 2019

The only way to collaborate on making yara rules

I am a researcher working in a Antivirus company. We are getting hundreds of new malware samples every day, and we write many Yara rules for them. At some point it becomes very complicated to know what we did and what remains.

YaraEditor has been deployed within our network a couple months ago, alongside with MRF.
The workflow makes the process very easy, we can draft rules and keep them into our own "Job list" before submitting to our validator for production. I really love the syntax checker and the ability to test our rules with real data, it makes things a lot safier for us.

Really good job, keep up !