Update your software in 2 clicks. Stay away from malware.

Update your software

With its ability to update all your -compatible- software with bulk selection, UCheck is your best companion against software exploits.

Update often, with its scheduled tasks and automated updates, and keep your software safe and performant.

Install new software

UCheck not only provides software updates, but also allows to install new -compatible- software.

Our library is rich with hundreds of software, among the most used and recognized in the world. They are selected with care, so you can trust them.

Uninstall software

Last but not least, UCheck is able to list all the software installed on your machine, and uninstall or repair them.

Don't waste your time with updates, UCheck will happily do it for you !


Jim A. - March 2019

Awesome product !

I was looking for a software updates checker but never found something that could satisfy my needs. Some were very handy, with a large database but they had poor features or user interface. 

Then I found UCheck, and tried it. It scanned my computer in seconds, listed my software and I was very suprised that most of them were actually compatible. Made the update, went smoothly in one click.

I really appreciate the install feature, it allows me to use it in a portable way on the new machines I build to deploy essential software and get ready in one minute.

I do recommend !