Command Line

Update your software in 2 clicks. Everything from CLI console.

software update

Update your Software

With its ability to update all your -compatible- software with bulk selection, UCheck software updater command line is your best companion against software exploits. Checkout our compatibility list.

Update software from your customer and business machines using our CLI interface, leave no traces ! (Software update requires a Ucheck Technician license)

Works Everywhere

Need to run updates from a management console ? Run UCheck command line from a script, in a scheduled task, or from your favorite management agent and get your machine updated.

Update your software in one command, locally or remotely.

Full Toolset

UCheck software updater command line isn't just a software updater. It helps verifying Windows updates, uninstall programs and even install new programs from scratch. 

Make your own deploy script and install seamlessly all the software you need on new machines. 


Jim A. - March 2019

Awesome product !

I was looking for a software updates checker but never found something that could satisfy my needs. Some were very handy, with a large database but they had poor features or user interface. 

Then I found UCheck, and tried it. It scanned my computer in seconds, listed my software and I was very suprised that most of them were actually compatible. Made the update, went smoothly in one click.

I really appreciate the install feature, it allows me to use it in a portable way on the new machines I build to deploy essential software and get ready in one minute.

I do recommend !