Crash Dump Extractor

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Dumps Analysis & Classification
Limited to 1 folder monitor

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Dumps Analysis & Classification
Unlimited folder monitors

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Powerful Workflow

Enhance your developement workflow by fully automating your crash dumps triage.

CDE comes up with an automatic bug classification to quickly identify and classify crash dumps by issue, with a frequency counter

Data Extraction

CDE extracts all the interesting information from your crash dumps: Call stack, Bug ID, software name and version. This to identify quickly if the bug was already fixed or is a regression.

Compatible with your tools

Crash dumps open in your default debugger, whether it is Visual Studio, WinDBg or anything else compatible.

Don't waste your time with triage, just plug it in and create a monitor !


Eddy S. - February 2019

It increased my productivity

As a product manager and developer I know how precious crash dumps can be. They are gold to fix existing bugs and satisfy our customers. 
I have been using CDE for a couple weeks now, and it's a very good asset. I've been able to reduce my workload by automate the collection and the analysis of crash dumps, they are now in my monitors, already sorted by priority, waiting for an action on my side. 
Before opening a dump, I already know the software version, and even the possible issue. Only remains to fix it !