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Rules Editor
Test Framework
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Syntax Highlighting

YaraEditor is a full IDE for Yara. Write your rules with syntax highlighting, for better visibility. Quickly jump to a rule by name or to another file. Start from a default template.

YaraEditor will verify your syntax, and will highlight errors and warnings. No need to use extra tool, everything is here.

Full Testing Environment

With YaraEditor, test your rules locally against a wide variety of items: Files -of course-, entire folders, but also Text (Ansi / Unicode) and Process memory.

If tests are failing, simply fix and re-run. Simple as that.

Compile & Export

When everything is working properly, use YaraEditor to package your rules. They can be exported as text (yara files), as separe-compiled or packaged-compiled.

This is the ultimate tool for everyone writing or working with Yara rules. Happy malware crushing !


Tom U. - April 2019

The all-in-one Yara toolset

In my company we are several researchers working with Yara rules.  So far we have been using notepad to write our rules, and had to publish them before knowing if the rules were 1/ valid, and 2/ matching the target.  Some people in my network recommended YaraEditor for this purpose, and it's really doing a great job !

Now all my researchers are using it, and it's a killer. We are able to tests our rules locally, and only valid rules are making it to publication. This is a great improvement in terms of efforts and server costs.