Adlice Diag 


Diagnose customer and business machines. Eliminate unknown threats.

Full Diagnostic

Adlice Diag anti malware is a full featured diagnostic software for your machine, with embedded Anti-malware, Anti-rootkit and system monitoring. 

Unlike most Anti-malware, Diag shows up everything running on your computer. Malware have nowhere to hide !

Portable by Nature

Diag Anti Malware Technician has been made for local and remote machine cleanup. Generate your portable toolset and deploy it anywhere.

Cure any machine with minimal manipulations, leave no trace of the installed software !

Unlimited Machines

Whether you are a small business with a few clients, or a top 10 company running thousands of remote cleanups, we get you covered. No machines limitation*, everything is included in your license.

With your portable toolset, be ready to cure machines everywhere someone needs you !


*No limitation for portable remediations. You still need to buy devices for Technician seats.

How many devices for my license ?

A license counts only Technician seats, and is valid for any number of machines to remediate.

  • Company (1000 seats, 5 technicians) : 1 license / 5 devices
  • Repair shop (5 technicians): 1 license / 5 devices

Eddy S. - October 2019

Finds what others don't

I have been having slowness troubles with my computer, and tried many Anti-malware. None found the problem. Some people on the forums where recommending Adlice Diag, because it's fast and easy to use. 

The scan took around 10 mns to complete, and it found multiple items. I decided to look around and found 2 more items that were not classified as malware (and that the others vendors missed). After removing everything, and restarting my machine, the problem was gone !

I do highly recommend.