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Diagnose your machine. Detect unknown threats, and eliminate them.



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Scan & Remove Malware
Antirootkit Scan
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Full Diagnostic

Adlice Diag anti malware is a full featured diagnostic software for your machine, with embedded Anti-malware, Anti-rootkit and system monitoring. 

Unlike most Anti-malware, Diag shows up everything running on your computer. Malware have nowhere to hide !


Adlice Diag anti malware comes up with an embedded full-layered Anti-malware. The scan engine will provide you with an initial classification, so it's much easier to find nasty and suspicious items.


The scan engine is shared with RogueKiller Anti-malware, one of the best malware remover, the guarantee of performance and efficency !

Cloud Upload & Help

With Diag anti malware, anyone can upload his scan report to our cloud storage. Our dedicated website has been specially made for Technicians, to help reading reports and ease communication with your customers.

Get help from Technicians or help your customers remotely with Diag !


Eddy S. - October 2019

Finds what others don't

I have been having slowness troubles with my computer, and tried many Anti-malware. None found the problem. Some people on the forums where recommending Adlice Diag, because it's fast and easy to use. 

The scan took around 10 mns to complete, and it found multiple items. I decided to look around and found 2 more items that were not classified as malware (and that the others vendors missed). After removing everything, and restarting my machine, the problem was gone !

I do highly recommend.