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Free Virus Cleaner

Thanks to its powerful engine RogueKiller is able to find known and unknown malware, of all kind. Search and clean viruses, ransomware, trojans and other malware.

Powered with innovative Artificial Intelligence and Cloud signatures engine, RogueKiller is the best virus removal tool. Try our free virus cleaner now for free !

Malware Protection

RogueKiller antimalware software is shipped with state-of-the-art malware protection. The real time protection stops infected programs before they execute

Don't let malicious software setup, stop them before they do harmful actions !

malware protection
anti ransomware

Anti Ransomware

Protect your important documents against corruption and theft. With the increasing threat of Ransomware, it's very important to keep your documents secured.

Don't be the next victim of a thousand dollars ransom, turn RogueKiller anti ransomware protection on !

Password Protection

RogueKiller antivirus comes up with a very innovative clipboard protection. The engine monitors suspicious programs and prevents them from reading -or writing- sensitive data from the clipboard

Protect your credit card numbers, your cryptocurrencies, the password of your favorite websites, don't let them fall into hackers' hands !

password protection

Maximum Performance

Web browsing and gaming requires more and more resources, this is something we all know. So do we, therefore we developed our antivirus scanner keeping in mind your computer needs to stay usable

Don’t worry about playing a game during a scan, RogueKiller will give you the full power without interruption.

Our real time scanning engine is one of the most performant yet transparent on the market, remove malware in a blink, with no impact on performance. We also preserve your battery.

Protect your Data

Nowadays ransomware are one of the biggest online threats. Not only they destroy your precious documents, your family pictures, but they also threaten to leak them online.

Protect yourself and your relatives with our anti ransomware protection. Enable data leak prevention to keep your secrets safe. Turn your documents folder into an armored safe.

Protect your Privacy

Everybody struggles with passwords. Despite the surge of passwords managers, they remain a big concern for many. And it gets even worse when malware steal the password of your favorite social network and use it on your bank account (many people use the same password everywhere).

We’ve got you covered. RogueKiller restricts access to the clipboard, to protect your sensitive data. It could be your credit card numbers, a cryptocurrency wallet, and of course your passwords.

Malware Removal as a Service

Are you a computer rescue Technician? Or an IT agent in a company?

The “Technician” license lets you remove threats everywhere you are needed, with no limitations. Create your rescue package on a USB stick, on a network share, put on your cape and go save the data !

What License Version do I need ?

  • If you are an individual, who needs to protect his home machines, you most probably need to use the “Premium” license. It includes the basic features and all the protection layers.
  • If you are a company and need to install RogueKiller anti malware on your computers, we have special plans for that, and it’s going to be “Premium” too.
  • If you work in an IT department, and plan to use RogueKiller for punctual remediation, you are looking for the “Technician” license.
  • If you work in a computer repair shop, or provide online help to the users, and need to disinfect customers machines, we encourage you to take a “Technician” license as well.

Paul M. - November 2018

One of the best free virus cleaner

I’ve been playing hide and seek with a virus on my laptop for weeks. Have tried more anti malware software programs than I can remember. I tried adwcleaner, malwarebytes and eset.

I see the bogus files and if I remove 1, 2 more appear. Saw RogueKiller Anti-Malware and expected more disappointment. Instead it cleaned my system ! Others Anti-malware said my system was clean. RogueKiller easily did what the others missed. Awesome!

  • Premium customers
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