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Modes are very important. YaraEditor can work in either one of the following modes, which will tell the framework how to behave.


The workflow mode lets YaraEditor work in a “secure” mode, suitable for collaboration and approbation usage. In this mode, contributors work on Rules (creation, update or removal) within their own cart, and they submit their changes for approbation.

A validator reviews the changes, and decides whether or not to approve them. If approved, the changes are merged with the existing live rules and will be picked up at next publication. If the changes are rejected, the validator leaves a message why and the contributor will be able to adjust or delete his changes.


The public mode works mostly the same way as workflow mode, except that it doesn’t need a validation. Contributors still work in their cart, but when they submit an item it’s automatically approved.

This mode is suitable for collaboration teams without high profile (or low profile) members, or for public websites.

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