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  • Download sources.
  • Unzip and extract sources on your web server (under /var/www).
  • Edit your configuration file (under /your_root/src/config.php), see below.
  • Create a database in MySQL (phpmyadmin may help), suggest name “yara”.
  • Browser to the root of the project (http://localhost), install page will show, see below.

Edit configuration file

Run installer script

If your configuration file is properly filled, it should display the installation page when browsing at root.

Run the install script and wait for it to complete. Upon completion, all tables will be created in the database, default settings applied and administrator account created.

Warning! Don’t leave the page without saving the admin credentials otherwise you will have to manually delete the database and restart the installation script.

Upon installation everything is setup, you can browse to root again and now it will display the login page (use the admin credentials)

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