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Run a Scan

WARNING: Starting with version 2.3, Scan feature requires a Technician license.

Available scan modes

  • -scan (scan_params): Start standard scan, scan_params (optional) passes arguments to the core (see below)
  • -quickscan: Start quick scan

Available scan parameters

Important note: scan parameters need to be enclosed into one big quotes delimiters. If you need to use quotes inside of it, use triple quotes (see example below).

  • -reportpath {report_path}: Specify a file path where the report will be also copied
  • -reportformat {json|txt}: Specify a file format for the report copy
  • -portable-license {path_to_portable_config_file}: Specify a portable config file generated by the Technician

Optional parameters

  • -no_interact: No user interaction, implicit EULA accept and starts removal after scan (only alleged malware)
  • -deleteall: Forces removal of all found entries
  • -ignoreall: Ignores removal after a scan
  • -debuglog {path}: Log scan activity to a file
  • -force_portable_license {license_email} {license_key}: Technician only, uses the given license in memory only (portable mode)
  • -portable_signatures {path}: Uses the given signatures package instead of checking online

During the scan multiple user interactions can be requested to accept EULA, validate update or choose a removal mode. This can be avoided by using the -no_interact flag. Default values are to accept EULA, accept update and use standard (no PUP/PUM) removal mode.

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