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Settings contains permanent parameters, they are saved when the software is closed.



The General settings section gives the ability to change the following settings:
(Note: Some settings may be disabled if you use the Free version)

A. Startup: Launch the software when the machine starts
B. Telemetry: Send anonymous usage data to our server
C. Theme: Software theme (clear, dark, naked)
D. Language: Software language to use

The “Default settings” button restores all values to default.



The Debugger settings section lets you configure the 3rd party command line debugger.

A. CDB Path: Put the path of your CDB debugger. Usually under C:/Program Files(x86)/Windows Kits/8.1/Debuggers/x64/cdb.exe.

The “Default settings” button restores all values to default.



This sections describes the software and provides links to documentation and contact.

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