You are probably landing on that page because it’s the first time you use Adlice CDE. No worries!

First, please check on the official webpage that you are already running the latest version of CDE.

You will find the documentation here, just to guide you through the possibilities of the software.


CDEis a free software, with premium version. It needs a lot of work to update the software, and constant improvements to crush bugs, handle new malware and add new cool features.

Advertisements on the website are with Licenses purchases the only reliable way to get our developers paid for all that hard work. If you like the software, please help us to maintain it by purchasing a Premium License. It’s our best strength for keeping the software efficient.

If you don’t want to buy a license, you can contribute in a valuable way by making a small (or generous, depends on your mood) donation with Paypal. Don’t hesitate to leave a message explaining your thankfulness with your donation, this is an important thing for the team! 🙂

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