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The editor is a full featured IDE for writing Yara rules. To learn how to write your rules, please refer to the official yara documentation.

Before to start writing your first rule, you need to create a file (or import it). Once done, you can select the file to start editing it.

Important Note: With FREE version, you are limited to 5 files at the same time. Please purchase a license to unlock.

After you have added your first rule (you can use the template rule from the context menu to help), once the file is saved it’s automatically parsed and detected rules are displayed.

Before testing or exporting the file(s), it first needs to be compiled. To do so, check the file(s) you want to compile (Note: selection will be merged into the same compilation set). The context menu may help doing bulk selection.

During compilation, the engine is called and syntax validation is performed. In case of errors, they are reported in the lower panel, and a double on them will show the error in the edition view.

If no error is reported, the compilation set will be available for further actions, like exports (binary or text) and tests.

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