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You can speed up your MRF website by using the provided crons.

The general cron is performing the following tasks:

  • 3rd party modules: looks for finished analysis, searches for missing data.
  • URL Tracker: searches for new file candidates

The Analysis cron is looking for recently uploaded samples and performs initial analysis. It also looks for rescheduled analsyis

The 3rd party modules checks are performed by the query API (when opening the index for example) when the cron is disabled, so it slows down the page download. This is why it’s strongly advised to defer this work to the cron when possible.

To enable the crons, enable them in the config file. Then there’s multiple ways to enable them:

On install page (MRF V7.0)

Click on “Register crons” button on the install page.


Register both files (cron.php and analysis.php) in the cron list (don’t forget to provide a token with enough rights):

cp ./<your_mrf_dir>/cron /etc/cron.d/mrf-cron
crontab /etc/cron.d/mrf-cron

Important Note: If you are using Docker containers (MRF v7.0), crons should have been registered automatically inside the container.

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