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Why UCheck Software Updater ?

There are multiple ways for malware and virus to infect your machine. They can trick you into clicking a malicious link and download then install a rogue application, usually your anti-malware should protect you against that.

They can also leverage software vulnerabilities inside your web browser, your PDF reader and even your operating system. In that case classic anti-malware don’t protect you very well because they don’t see the malicious behavior, hidden inside the legit application. The only way to prevent this is to patch the vulnerabilities with software updates.

It’s very important to keep all your software up-to-date. On Linux it’s very easy to do with only 2 commands, but on Windows there is no such thing and keep all software updated is a nightmare, and very time consuming. Because of that, many people get infected because they don’t do updates at all.

Here comes UCheck software updater. Our software lists all the programs installed on your machine, and notifies you if an update is available. From there, you can update everything in one click and silently.

But it’s not all, UCheck will also be your best friend when setting up a new machine because all the compatible software will be available for installation (from scratch). Deploying startup kit has never been so easy !