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UCheck is a tool that will help you to update all your software in 2 clicks.

It will also help you to install essential utilities on a brand new machine. Keep your machine safe from exploits by using always the last version of your installed software.
Choose your plan
  •    Registration
    If machine registration is available
  •    Machines
    Number of machines allowed to register
  •    Custom plans
    If custom plans are available (Ex: company)
  •    Manual Updates
    Update software manually (download/install)
  •    Bulk Updates
    Update software automatically and silently
  •    Uninstall
    Uninstall software
  •    Manual install
    Install software from our repository, manually (download/install)
  •    Bulk Install
    Install software from our repository automatically and silently
  •    Scheduled scans
    Run scheduled update checking tasks (every 30, 60, 90 mns)
  •    Support
    Get support for your questions or feedback
  •    Automatic Updates
    Update the software with one click
  •    Themes
    Customize the software appearance using built-in themes
  •    Download Cache
    Save the installers in cache for reuse
  •    Command Line
    Control the application with a command line interface
  •    Portable Settings
    Create a portable configuration file that can be used for portable scans
  •    Rebranding
    Change the main logo with your own


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    You can register up to 5 machines with your license, and unlimited temporary instances with the portable configuration file.
  • Special plans available for companies.
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  • 5
    You can register up to 5 machines with your license.
  • Special plans available for companies.


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  • Manual Updates.

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AuthorAdlice Software
File Size19.94 MB
Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 32/64 bits
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Description and Review

UCheck is a FREE (with Premium version) software that will monitor for outdated programs and offer to update them all in 1 click. The features are listed below:



  • Update your software in 2 clicks.
  • Optionally run bulk updates without user interaction (silent mode).
  • Verify if Windows Update is properly configured and has no pending updates.
  • Install software from our repository (with or without bulk selection).
  • Uninstall software.
  • Unlike competitors, doesn't need a starter package and monitors software already present.
  • Chooses language for you.
  • Chooses the right version for you (32/64 bits).
  • Prevents silent installation for software offering toolbars, or PUPs (optional offers).
  • Warns when installer tries to install toolbars or PUPs (optional offers).
  • Downloads straight from official websites, so that you ensure no one touches it.
  • Silent mode skips reboots.
  • More than 60+ software supported, and growing fast.
  • Ability to scan for updates at regular times.
  • Ability to cache installers for multiple installations.
  • Fully portable.


User guide

Please refer to the general documentation.

Installer (32/64 bits)Download 
UCheck.exe (portable 32 bits)Download 
UCheck.exe (portable 64 bits)Download