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Updating software is essential to keep a machine safe, but it's a nightmare and no one does it. UCheck discharges you from this horrible task thanks to a huge database of compatible software.

Concerned about spyware and adware ? No worries, UCheck knows what it installs and never lets optional offers to setup.

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Choose your plan
  •    Registration
    If machine registration is available
  •    Custom plans
    If custom plans are available (Ex: company)
  •    Manual Updates
    Update software manually (download/install)
  •    Bulk Updates
    Update software automatically and silently
  •    Uninstall
    Uninstall software
  •    Manual install
    Install software from our repository, manually (download/install)
  •    Bulk Install
    Install software from our repository automatically and silently
  •    Windows Updates
    Check if Windows Updates is properly configured and has new updates available.
  •    Scheduled scans
    Run scheduled update checking tasks (every 30, 60, 90 mns)
  •    Support
    Get support for your questions or feedback
  •    Automatic Updates
    Update the software with one click
  •    Themes
    Customize the software appearance using built-in themes
  •    Download Cache
    Save the installers in cache for reuse
  •    Portable Settings
    Create a portable configuration file that can be used for portable scans
  •    Rebranding
    Change the main logo with your own
  •    CLI Version (UCheckCMD)
    Use automation with special command line version


  • Special plans available for companies.


  • Special plans available for companies.


  • Manual Updates.

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Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 32/64 bits
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Why UCheck Software Updater ?

There are multiple ways for malware and virus to infect your machine. They can trick you into clicking a malicious link and download then install a rogue application, usually your anti-malware should protect you against that.

They can also leverage software vulnerabilities inside your web browser, your PDF reader and even your operating system. In that case classic anti-malware don't protect you very well because they don't see the malicious behavior, hidden inside the legit application. The only way to prevent this is to patch the vulnerabilities with software updates.

It's very important to keep all your software up-to-date. On Linux it's very easy to do with only 2 commands, but on Windows there is no such thing and keep all software updated is a nightmare, and very time consuming. Because of that, many people get infected because they don't do updates at all.

Here comes UCheck software updater. Our software lists all the programs installed on your machine, and notifies you if an update is available. From there, you can update everything in one click and silently.

But it's not all, UCheck will also be your best friend when setting up a new machine because all the compatible software will be available for installation (from scratch). Deploying startup kit has never been so easy !


Is the Software Updater Free ?

We provide 3 different versions: Free, Premium and Technician.
The free plan allows to update software, even in one click (bulked). For new software installation, a license is required. If you are a company or if you like the software, please help us getting better by purchasing your license.


They talk about us

Bleeping Computer: "Using UCheck is very easy"
Fosshub: "For technicians, network admins and other tech related reasons UCheck can be a great tool"
GHacks: "Still, definitely a program to keep on the radar, as it will surely evolve over time"
Trishtech: "UCheck provides easy installation and update for many of the popular software"
Windows Report: "UCheck promises fast downloads and it is something worth giving a try"


What are the main features ?


  • Update your software in 1 click.
  • Optionally run bulk updates without user interaction (silent mode).
  • Verify if Windows Update is properly configured and has no pending updates.
  • Install software from our repository (with or without bulk selection).
  • Uninstall software.
  • Unlike competitors, doesn't need a starter package and monitors software already present.
  • Compatible with portable software.
  • Chooses language for you.
  • Chooses the right version for you (32/64 bits).
  • Prevents silent installation for software offering toolbars, or PUPs (optional offers).
  • Warns when installer tries to install toolbars or PUPs (optional offers).
  • Downloads straight from official websites, so that you ensure no one touches it.
  • Silent mode skips reboots.
  • More than 120+ software supported, and counting.
  • Ability to schedule tasks for updates at regular times.
  • Ability to cache downloads (for multiple installations).
  • Fully portable.



How to use UCheck ? Please take a look at the general documentation.




What version of UCheck Software Updater do I need ?
You can choose between the portable version and the installed version. If you don't know what to choose, the installed version will suit in most of the cases.
If you don't want to install the software and use it straight from the desktop, the portable version is your choice.

Installer 32/64 bitsDownload 
UCheck.exe (portable 32 bits)Download 
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