Scan for software updates in console mode without user interaction.

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UCheckCMD is the command line version of UCheck, designed for automation, power users, or when no UI is available (safe mode with command line for example). Scan your machine for software updates and fix everything with bulk updates.
Choose your plan
  •    Registration
    If machine registration is available
  •    Custom plans
    If custom plans are available (Ex: company)
  •    List Updates/Installed
    List all installed programs and check for new updates
  •    Windows Updates
    Check if Windows Updates is properly configured and has new updates available.
  •    Bulk Updates
    Update software automatically and silently
  •    Bulk Install
    Install software from our repository automatically and silently
  •    Support
    Get support for your questions or feedback
  •    Automatic Updates
    Update the software with one click
  •    Download Cache
    Save the installers in cache for reuse
  •    Portable Settings
    Create a portable configuration file that can be used for portable scans


  • Special plans available for companies.


  • Manual Updates.

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AuthorAdlice Software
File Size10.9 MB
Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 32/64 bits
Tags   command line     software     update  

It's always a pain to keep all your software updated to their latest version. Usually you need to open each software, find the "about" section, open the link to download the new version then launch it and run through the installation process manually.

Most people just don't do updates, or only when they really need. But this could be very bad, because malware writers love to take advantage of software exploits to find new victims.

Here comes UCheck. UCheck is a FREE software that lists your installed programs and offer to update them all in 2 clicks. You can cherry pick the programs you want, or bulk select them for update. UCheck also offers to install new programs straight from the developers official website, either one by one or with a bulk selection. UCheckCMD is the command line version of UCheck.

WARNING: UCheckCMD requires a UCheck Technician license for Updates/Install.



Please refer to the general documentation.

Portable 32 bitsDownload 
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