Diagnose your machine. Detect unknown threats, and eliminate them.

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When classic antivirus fail and allow many infections to setup, you need a solid way to remove them. Adlice Diag uses behavioral and advanced built-in antimalware engine to diagnose your machine and classify found elements.

Wondering about spyware and adware ? No worries, you're covered as well.

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  • Special plans available for companies.


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AuthorAdlice Software
File Size25.52 MB
LicenseFreeware, with Premium
Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 32/64 bits
Tags   adware     anti-malware     anti-rootkit     antivirus     diagnostic     malware     removal  

adlice diag anti-malware free

Why Adlice Diag Anti-Malware Free ?

Anti-malware software are very nice in an install and forget usage, when they detect threats before they install. But when a malware sneaks on your machine, bypasses your antivirus and adds persistance to spy on you and lurk on your documents, it's already too late. In such situation, many people install many Anti-malware and removers to (hopefully) clean their machine. If they know a malware is present.

If they are lucky, one of the software will find and remove the threat. Otherwise the only way is to run a diagnostic with software like OTL, RSIT or FRST. Those tools are complicated to use, and they need a high level of expertise to decide whether the elements need to be removed or if they are critical and should not be touched.

Here comes Adlice Diag with built-in Anti-malware. Our Diagnostic software is very user friendly. It runs a scan blazing fast (15 mns) and is extremely powerful, thanks to its Anti-malware layer based on RogueKiller engine. All found elements are classified in categories to help the user quickly focus on interesting elements and avoid removing critical things. Last but not least, it features a cloud upload to help sharing diagnostic reports between people (user/helper).


What is the difference with RogueKiller Anti-malware ?

Adlice Diag is a diagnostic software, RogueKiller is an Anti-malware. Diag has a built-in Anti-malware engine, but it is only for classification to help user make his decision.

Diagnostic software display everything present on the machine while Anti-malware only show malicious elements. Showing only infected items is nice in an everyday usage, but it may be an issue if the Anti-malware is not detecting the infection. This is why a diagnostic software will show everything, to give the user the ability to remove an item he may think (and actually is) malicious.


Is the Anti-malware Free ?

We provide 3 different versions: Free, Premium and Technician.
We believe everyone should have access to a free malware removal, therefore the free plan complies with it. If you are a company or if you like the software, please help us getting better by purchasing your license.


They talk about us

Malwaretips: "Discussion about Adlice Diag"
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ESoftner: "Adlice Diag is an indicative device with builtin hostile to malware"



How to use Adlice Diag ? Please take a look at the general documentation.





What version of Adlice Diag Anti-malware do I need ?
You can choose between the portable version and the installed version. If you don't know what to choose, the installed version will suit in most of the cases.
If you don't want to install the software and use it straight from the desktop, the portable version is your choice.

Installer 32/64 bitsDownload 
Portable 32 bitsDownload 
Portable 64 bitsDownload 
Signatures PackageDownload 
Installer 32/64 bits [Mirror: FileHorse]Download