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RogueKiller is an anti-malware program written in C++ and able to detect and remove generic malwares and some advanced threats such as rootkits, rogues, worms, …

Based on generic ways to find malwares by their behaviour (heuristics), on classic anti-malware analysis (signature finding) and on undocumented hacks, RogueKiller can find/remove most of the basic malwares (rogues, trojans, …) and some advanced threats like ZeroAccess or TDSS that behave more like rootkits.

RogueKiller is a tiny anti-malware maintained by a small team, and thus new detections are based on “most spread threats“. We react quickly to integrate detection and removal of what we think can be a global threat and affect a big amount of users across the world.

Here’s a little summary of what RogueKiller is able to do:

  • Kill malicious processes
  • Stop malicious services
  • Unload malicious DLLs from processes
  • Find/Kill malicious hidden processes
  • Find and remove malicious autostart entries, including :
    1. Registry keys (RUN/RUNONCE, …)
    2. Tasks Scheduler (1.0/2.0)
    3. Startup folders
  • Find and remove registry hijacks, including :
    1. Shell / Load entries
    2. Extension association hijacks
    3. DLL hijacks
    4. Many, many others …
  • Read / Fix DNS Hijacks (DNS Fix button)
  • Read / Fix Proxy Hijacks (Proxy Fix button)
  • Read / Fix Hosts Hijacks (Hosts Fix button)
  • Restore shortcuts / files hidden by rogues of type “Fake HDD
  • Read / Fix malicious Master Boot Record (MBR), even hidden behind rootkit
  • List / Fix SSDT – Shadow SSDT – IRP Hooks (Even with inline hooks)
  • Find and restore system files patched / faked by a rootkit


RogueKiller is a GUI-ed tool (since the new version), so it’s easy to use. However, one can have difficulties to interpret the results and know what needs to be fixed. This is normal and malware removal is somewhat tricky. Please feel free to contact us or better grab the scan log and post it on the forum. They know how to interpret it and they will guide you in the removal (for free, of course).


RogueKiller is available in the following languages, detected by computer’s language.If your language is not inside and you think it would be useful, if you can translate from/to Engligh please contact us.

French, English, Czech, Portuguese (Braz), Polish


Premium version

NEW! RogueKiller now has a Premium version, with some useful features! Check it out now.


Please support us!

RogueKiller is a free software, updated about once a week. It needs perpetual watch on live malware, and constant improvements to crush bugs, handle new malware and add new cool features.
Advertisements on the website are the only reliable way to get our developers paid for all that hard work.
However, you can contribute in a most valuable way by making a small (or generous, depends on your mood) donation with Paypal. Don’t hesitate to leave a message explaining your thankfulness with your donation, this is an important thing for the team! :)
If you don’t wish to donate, you can still express your thankfulness (lucky you! :)) by liking us on Facebook and/or Google+ (below).


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RogueKiller Download



Download RogueKiller (FossHub):

Download RogueKiller (Cloud):

Download RogueKiller (Local):

Download RogueKiller (Old GUI):


Social Links:

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After trying RogueKiller, we strongly recommend to give a chance to Malwarebytes. That’s a generic antimalware, compatible with your antivirus.
The paid version has a real-time protection that catches a lot of malware unknown by most of antiviruses.


User guide


Disclaimer. RogueKiller is able to send feedback report automatically in order to help developers to fix bugs and improve the software. The content of the reports is not sensitive, and does not contains personal data (except username), only software related data. This feedback is used for several things: first, improve the software by providing debug/crash informations. Next, it’s used to build real time statistics of in-the-wild threats (see below). If you disagree with this, please do not use this software.

Disclaimer 2. RogueKiller, by design, can detect some false positives. We made the choice to “sometimes” detect wrong things (marked as suspicious) and have a very high accuracy against malwares rather than never detect wrong things and miss a lot of malwares. That said, you have always the choice to uncheck things before deletion (and report them as false positive to us!)


RogueKiller is easy to use. Basically, a classic use would be the following:

  1. Launch the program. Wait for the Prescan to finish
  2. Hit the “Scan button”. Wait for the scan to finish.
  3. Chose an option (Delete, HostsFix, …) according to what the scan has found (and what you want to delete).
  4. Hit that button. Wait for the end of deletion.
  5. If any other thing to do, restart from 2.


The official tutorial, which is quite complete can be found here: Official Tutorial. There is also a documentation to understand the reports.


Little demo against the latest ZeroAccess variant:




If you encounter any problem, have any doubt, and just want to thank, make a suggestion or provide any help, please feel free to contact us with any mean provided in the contact page of the website. You can also use the forum, as always. Before opening a thread for an issue, please check the FAQ and the known issues.











RogueKiller, due to its automated feedback, send some informations in real time about currently spreading threats. It allows us to be prepared and warn people that a new attack is in effect, or that a 0-day is been exploited. More, we can see which operating systems are most used, which languages, and so.

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166 thoughts on “RogueKiller download

  • Alan Wakefield


  • Rai

    How long does it take for an admin to approve an account? I made an account 2 days ago and I really need to post something as I am having trouble with malware lately.

  • Rai

    There’s something qrong with the link for new version. It’s the only download that’s not finishing or may seem finish but not. Pls give a new link.

  • Alan Wakefield

    Tried to donate. All donation information is in French. I was not comfortable donating in a language I do not comprehend. Thus unable to donate,

  • thomas

    No thanks, the first thing after a first start, it kills my 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, then the Explorer is not responding and must be restartet, because the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker was killed… so i dont accept the aula and delete roguekiller. No program is allowed to kill programs without asking for it

  • Windows10

    I downloaded the Windows 10 Preview- decided to run RogueKiller on a clean install just for kicks. I got the following:
    Status:KILLED [ThermThr] Type:Proc.Hidden PID:744
    A bug?

    • tigzy Post author

      I think it’s too early to tell.
      There’s a known bug about hidden processes, but don’t know if it’s still the same issue that you’ve seen, or something related to win10.
      When the OS will be released for good we’ll take a look, since many things can change since then.

  • Stefano

    Open RogueKiller 64 Pc Crash Blue Screen of death. Appena apro RogueKiller64 il PC va in Crash con la schermata B lu. Win7 Pro 64 – SP1

  • Loris Rossi

    it seems that I have saved from a parasite insistent thank you!

    I made a small donation ……….
    but using the new version, my PC freezes completely why?

  • James

    v10.0.1.0; the initialization process takes far longer than it used to. I think it’s stuck. It doesn’t load the driver and it’s been initializing for more than 5 minutes.

    • tigzy Post author

      Could you please open a thread on the forum, we’ll take a look at this closer.
      That could be great if you could also attach a full dump made with process explorer

  • TH

    nice software. very helping. but donation is hard for me. will you consider translation help so that Rogue Killer will also available in Bahasa Malaysia, i gladly translate this software for free as it’s come for free too, if interested do pm me on how i can help you guys…as long as Rogue Killer is free!

  • Kim

    Need more help when “current settings do not allow download” error occurs. There is no “more info” to click on as listed in the tutorial.

  • Dan Figueroa

    So, I only recently saw that the command line options are now only available for the premium version of RogueKiller. How much are you intending on charging for both an individual and company copy of the premium software, respectively?

  • Bob Pedrin

    RogueKiller told me an update was available. When I try to do so and wade through all the other programs it try’s to download I finally get to 100% downloaded and install… Ok… It then goes to a VLC install window and want to install an older version of that…. I like RogueKiller but for crying out loud why all the runaround? I even tried again by following the thread from a guy wanting to know where the download button was located. You said “Download Here” same result… So Whassup?

  • Larry Bryant

    Why do you make it impossible to download the latest version of RK with all the crap involved with the download? I somehow downloaded the file this morning and when I ran that version, it said my version was out-of-date and needed to be upgraded. What gives with this deception?

  • Paul H

    I’m at least fairly x-savvy and have worked with, tuned up, and serviced Windows PCs for many years.

    I have Spybot (fairly weak, but loveable!), Avira, System Mechanic’s System Guard, SuperAntiSpyware (and one or two other worthy anti-spyware apps I can’t remember) resident on my system at all times. I am also CONSTANTLY up to date with Windows/Microsoft, Java, etc, etc. That said, I still somehow managed to pick up a piece of crapware that would open a new tab going to some shit-ware site with 800 numbers that go to Indian accented guys with no other information than to hustle themselves into my computer for money – offering to remove my problem by remote assistance (yeah, like I’m gonna let you into my computer after your company just crapware-hacked it! LMAO!). While it brought up these extra tabs EVERY TIME I typed in a field or clicked a link, it also brought up sidebar pop-ups of ads. When you try to X out, another popup comes up warning “My PC is in danger!”
    It was generally an enormous & constant pain in the ass, making browsing irritating if not completely useless. I went into my Avira & Spybot Settings and cranked them up to maximum detection, but they did nothing.

    I finally Googled one of the suspected processes and I stumbled onto RogueKiller. I read thru the page and it sounded potentially good so I figured it’s worth a shot. RogueKiller completely killed whatever was giving me the unwanted popups on the first try. I rebooted and opened each one of my browsers to find the problem totally gone.

    Major Kudos to Adlice! I will now make RogueKiller a regular part of my PC tuneup arsenal for every PC I work on.

  • Tim Taylor

    I just donated because rougekiller cleaned poweliks from my desktop.

    There is an ad on your webpage just above actual download link that looks just like
    a download link. It even has separate clicks for regular or premium.

    Unfortunately this ad downloads a browser highjacker and a fake “system optimizer” program.

  • Sharon Michael

    Thank you for helping me remove Trojans. I would like to donate. Is PayPal all in French? Or is there a way to donate in English? I really appreciate your help!

      • Sharon Michael

        I tried to make a $15.00 donation by PayPal. But I got an error message. It looks like it is asking for US dollars (which is right for me). But everything else on the payment page is in French, so I cannot understand it. I’m sorry. If I were you I would see if I could get the US donation page to come up in English. I’m pretty sure you would get more donations. I really wanted to send one because I appreciate your help so much. Trojan Powelik and Trojan Ad Clicker had taken over my computer, and your software removed them for me. Thank you.

  • Mack

    just wanted to thank you, and I will be making a donation… after over a month now of trying to get rid of a Trojan.powelik virus I was about to give up, I tried multiple software’s. scanning with malewarebytes and Norton 360 had no effect, put hour after hour for weeks into researching ways to get rid of this virus and finally came across a post of someone recommending roguekiller so I figured it cant hurt to try and after downloading and scanning roguekiller found the Trojan.powelik and deleted it just like that. took about 5 minutes I only wish I would’ve found it sooner after going weeks without being able to use my pc due to the virus making it run at 100% cpu usage it was to slow to do anything, thank you tigsy!

  • Jeff

    Newest roguekiller will not finish initializing on my windows 7 64bit box…..freezes at GDRV (gigabytes config program).. this did not happen with older versions.. it does not crash… it will just hang there all day

  • Michael P.

    RogueKiller is really a “must have” Tool and I recommend it everytime if I talk about malware with someone. If Roguekiller detects nothing it is not guaranteed that there is not a problem, but very probably not. Using RogueKiller and two or three different antimal- und antispywaretools ( Ithink Antimalwarebytes premium is one of them too) makes me feel better when my PC is online. I am sorry because I am not using any social media and paypal. I apologize using RogueKiller without donation. I will, if there would be sometimes a way to do it within Europe. Thanks to tigzy, great job!

  • Sam Moss

    thnks this thing found some items that mbam and several others didn’t…something attached itself to my gpu saying my hdmi wasn’t plugged in..the audio part the video was showing hence my connection to the pc…i.e. i was seeing my pc but not hearing it…thnks again.

  • Sam Moss

    For some reason the Foss Hub mirror site is only partially downloading the app (13.5mb) and therefore it won’t run when downloaded. The Cloud site is working though.

  • Dan

    Just downloaded the 64bit version on win7. When running the progran my computer crashes. This happend twice. Abondend Rouguekiller.

  • Lowell


    RogueKiller saved the day again! Looking forward to the premium version.

    Is there any AV software that is able to block Poweliks?

    Keep up the excellent work :)

  • dd

    V10.1.2 01/06/2014 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ———> 2015
    – Added detections
    – Updated Spanish translation
    – Added Italian translation
    – Added hook signatures engine

  • DD

    Up to V10.1.1 everything was fine.
    With latest version V10.1.2 01/06/2014, driver not load (red color remains in Option).

    Also please the year for the latest version, it’s 2015, not 2014…….

  • Alex

    Hello. I want to confirm you, than many ransomwares are detected by the older version of roguekiller v8.5.4 (which I’ve kept for that reason) and they pass undetected by the newer versions. Could you check what was removed from 8.5.4 onwards to be able to reintroduce it in the newer ones? The very same 8.5.4 will scan a secondary hdd and detect ransomware on it.

  • Alex

    I do use the latest version for the most malware issues while repairing PCs in an IT Store but as I said, there are those ransomware that block your access to the computer that are undetected by the latest version while version 8.5.4 detects and removes all infected files (even the new cryptolocker variants).

  • Chris Mularski

    Would love to donate even though I have not yet used your program. It is very difficult to do so in an unfamiliar language. I see there have been other requests for an English version but you have not done so. Please supply an English version as you are losing our contributions.