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Malware Removal

Because we are a software company, we are not specialized in malware removal support.
That doesn’t mean we can’t (technically speaking) do it, but simply because we don’t have many time for that. Our idea is rather focus on automating the process of malware removal with our developments than doing it manually per user.
If you are about to ask for a basic malware removal, please instead ask on specialized forums like Bleeping Computer, or Geeks2Go.


RogueKiller support

If you are NOT a Premium user, we don’t provide support by email.
If you are a registered user, please include your License ID (email you used for registration) in the email.
If you’re facing an issue with RogueKiller, or you don’t know how to interpret the reports, please ask on the forum instead.
If you’re facing a malware not detected by RogueKiller, and quite hard to remove, we can help you to diagnose it, and remove it in the process of improving RogueKiller’s detections. Same here, go on the forum.


RogueKiller Premium support

If you’ve not received your invoice with license key, please double check in your SPAM folder first.
If you didn’t find it, or if you’ve lost your email, please try on the licensing retrieval form. If still in trouble, contact us (“Premium Issue” choice) and give anything we could use to retrieve it manually (order ID, email, date of purchase, name…)
Other than that, it’s preferable for you to use the In-app support form (“?”, “Support Form”).


False Positive/New detection

If you submit a false positive request, please attach the text report gotten from RogueKiller.
If there’s no report attached, we will not be able to fix.
If you submit a new detection, please use the external scanner syntax, or give us enough information to build it.



For any other question or request, please pay attention to chose a subject accordingly.

Important: No support email for FREE RogueKiller users will be answered. Use the forum instead.


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