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Before starting to write your message, please read the following.
Because we are a software company, we are not specialized in malware removal support.
That doesn’t mean we can’t (technically speaking) do it, but simply because we don’t have many time for that. Our idea is rather focus on automating the process of malware removal with our developments than do it manually per user.
If you are about to ask for a basic malware removal, please instead ask on specialized forums like Bleeping Computer, or Geeks2Go.
If you’re facing an issue with RogueKiller, or you don’t know how to interpret the reports, please ask on the forum instead.
If you’re facing a malware not detected by RogueKiller, and quite hard to remove, we can help you to diagnose it, and remove it in the process of improving RogueKiller’s detections. Same here, go on the forum.

For any other question or request, please pay attention to chose the subject accordingly.




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