What is a Trojan ? How to Remove ?

Trojan horses usually use social engineering, like a pirated software or a fake Office document send by mail, to gain control over a computer. Once installed, they usually hide themselves from the system and make it impossible for the user to remove.

What is an Adware ? How to Remove ?

Adware (ad-ware) are a quite recent thread, compared of the others. They begin to rise in popularity with the decline of the shareware license model. Instead of offering trial version of the software they developed, software writers began to include ads in their installers

What is a Virus ? How to Remove ?

Computer viruses were the first kind of malware that were developed. At the beginning, they were not malicious per se (the first computer virus “Creeper”, developed in 1970 only displayed a message), but soon after malicious ones begin to appear and counter-measures known as “anti-virus” software were developed.

Eviter de se Faire Pirater : Le Guide Ultime

Avec le développement des connexions Internet à large bande, les services en ligne / en nuage sont devenus de plus en plus nombreux. Vos données ne se trouvent plus seulement sur votre ordinateur, mais sur une multitude de serveurs en ligne. Vous devez non seulement envisager maintenant ce qui pourrait arriver si votre ordinateur est infecté, mais également ce qui pourrait se produire si l’un de vos comptes en ligne était compromis.