Introducing: RogueKiller Clipboard Protection

RogueKiller Anti-malware is already protecting against different kind of threats, but what if a malware is very new, totally unknown and tries to steal your most critical data, like credit card information or your bank account password ? We thought about it, and made the clipboard protection module.

Introducing: UCheck PUP Protection

Some software monetize themselves with partnerships with other companies, and bundling their installers with optional software offers. Starting with UCheck 3.10, PUP Protection is available (BETA) and prevents optional offers to install on the system when running a setup

Introducing RogueKiller 14

We are pleased to announce our flagship, RogueKiller Anti-malware, is finally available for version 14 BETA testing. Version 14 is a very big milestone for us because it introduces a major new feature that customers have been asking us for a long time: Real Time Protection. Let’s take a look. Real Time Protection RogueKiller 14…

adlice diag

Introducing Adlice Diag

We are proud to announce that our new project, that we’ve been working on hardly for the past year, has been released ! It is called Adlice Diag, and it will be your favorite software when it comes to diagnose a machine’s health…