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VTUploader is a program able to communicate with the VirusTotal API to send files for analysis. Also able to comment on files, and massively send files and comments.
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UCheck is a FREE (with Premium version) software that will monitor for outdated programs and offer to update them all in 1 click. The features are listed below:





VirusTotal is a website for sample/url analysis and reporting. If you have an account there, you have an API key, which is needed to use that program. VTUploader can send files for analysis, urls, running process, comment those files either one by one or with a massive call. Here's a full list of possibilities:

  • Scan running processes (NEW! Processes automatically scanned)
  • Scan file/folder (drag and drop or selection) for known report or for new report
  • Scan HASH for known report (SHA256 or MD5)
  • Scan URL for known report or for new report
  • Comment HASH or URL (pre-listed tags available)
  • Mass upload of files/folders
  • Mass comment of files/folders
  • Mass upload/comment is able to deal with VT limitation. When reached, program is paused and resumed then


User guide

For the first use, it's important to fill the "Settings" tab with your API key, and proxy configuration (if any). When you have reached the maximum amount of calls to the API, the program will wait for the your API key to be unlocked (waiting 2 minutes).

VTUploader.exe (portable)Download