Download UCheck

It’s always a pain to keep all your software updated to their latest version. Usually you need to open each software, find the “about” section, open the link to download the new version then launch it and run through the installation process manually.

Most people just don’t do updates, or only when they really need. But this could be very bad, because malware writers love to take advantage of software exploits to find new victims.

Here comes UCheck. UCheck is a FREE software that lists your installed programs and offer to update them all in 2 clicks. You can cherry pick the programs you want, or bulk select them for update. UCheck also offers to install new programs straight from the developers official website, either one by one or with a bulk selection.


Download YaraEditor (Desktop)

Yara has become a pretty popular standard in the Anti-malware industry to write signatures for malware detections. Many Anti-malware vendors, sandboxes vendors, HIPS vendors, CERTs or IT administrators are using rules to either detect malware based on the file, or to analyze network packets and trigger an alert when something malicious occurs.

Yara is a signature syntax and scanning engine, it’s available with a library or a bunch of scripts. We, at Adlice Software, are specialized in making Yara easy and convenient to use. We are offering a desktop application to write, organize and test your rules into a local database, or in text files.


Download RogueKiller Anti-malware

Based on powerful generic detections (heuristics), and on more classic anti-malware analysis (signature finding), RogueKiller is one of the best malware removal software. It is able to find threats other anti-malware can’t find because of the very aggressive and deep scanner (with Anti-Rootkit module).


Download Adlice PEViewer

Adlice PEViewer is a tool used by many researchers at Antivirus companies or CERT worldwide in order to perform malware static analysis.

Malicious software sometimes try to hide their goals in order to evade detection and static analysis. By doing so, they leave indicators, metadatas and suspicious modifications behind.

Adlice PEViewer searches, finds and lists these artifacts to help researchers making up their mind on a suspicious file. The tool uses robust PE parser as well as analysis engine and heuristics detections to build these indicators. PEViewer also relies on 3rd party scanners like VirusTotal for which it displays the results. All of this together allows the tool to build severity scores.


Download CrashDumpExtractor

CDE (Crash Dump Extractor) is a FREE software to help developers to organize their crash dumps they receive from users into bugs and priority. CDE uses per-software monitor to watch a folder for new crash dumps. This can be used with a cloud to synchronize new crash dumps on a dev machine. CDE will extract…


Download MRF

MRF (Malware Repository Framework) is a private framework able to centralize all your malware files into the same place, as well as offering file analysis and 3rd party scanners.