Add syntax highlighting for your diagnotic logs

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LogAnalyzer is a program able to analyse reports generated by many diagnostic tools (HijackThis, ZHPDiag, OTL, ...)
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LogAnalyzer is a FREE software able to parse and format diagnostic logs, as well as highlight important keywords with different colors. The features are listed below:





This tool is not a full analyser, it gives hints and performs a basic filter to help the "helper" to quickly find what can be suspicious or malware line. This is for advanced users! Please do not use it and fix lines if you don't know what you're doing!

When a line is successfully analysed, the program will colourize it using this syntax:

  1. Green = known as safe
  2. Brown = suspicious
  3. Grey = unknown
  4. Red = malware
  5. Purple = AV software
  6. Orange: hack tools

LogAnalyzer can successfully analyze and colour syntax of following tools (the others can work, but not tested):

  • Hijack this
  • OTL
  • ZHPDiag



Paste a report using the "Paste" button, or with right click. Then click on "Analyze" and wait. The lines should now be coloured according to the internal database.

If you are under proxified connexion, you can check the "Use proxy" checkbox and enter your proxy address (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YY) before starting the scan.

If you want to resolve IP addresses (DNS, DHCP), you can check the "HTTP Request" checkbox. They will be resolved in the bottom right square.

Once the analysis done, you'll see a sum up in the lower part, with all the lines that match a group. You can also select one group, select lines in that group and click "Edit" to open a small notepad for copy/past it in a script for a forum OP. LogAnalyzer is also able to remove comments from ZHPDiag lines while editing.

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