The Technician license is specific for malware removal workshops because you get a portable license file that can be put on a USB key with RogueKiller and used on as many machines as needed. The license can be bought from the main RogueKiller page.


Technician License Features
With a Technician licence, you first need to install your licence on the “tech machine”. There, you will be able to configure the software to suits your needs, and generate the portable license file. To generate that file, you have a button in the registration form.
The file will be used then to gain access to premium features while doing your malware removal on your customer’s PC. To use that file, you need to use the command line parameter -portable-license path_to_the_file. You can also name it rk_config.ini and place it in the same directory as RogueKiller exe file.
When started with the command line switch above, the software recognizes you are using a portable license, and will never try to activate nor interfer with a possible RogueKiller installation/activation that your customer may have. It will never be installed so that you don’t need to uninstall anything after your work.


This is one of the correct ways to use a Technician License:

  • On Technician machine: Download and install the installable version. Check the option to get both version (64 and 32 bits).
  • On Technician machine: Register the machine with license.
  • On Technician machine: Configure the application as needed (Settings), accept EULA.
  • On Technician machine: Go to “Account”, and generate a portable configuration file with the button. Save it and keep it. That file contains the settings plus your License, and is internally tagged as “portable”. You can also choose a time limitation for that configuration file.
  • On Technician machine: Put RogueKiller EXE file + portable configuration file on the media (USB key, Network drive) you will use for the customer’s machine cleanup.


  • On Customer machine: Get RogueKiller EXE file + portable configuration file.
  • On Customer machine: There are 2 different ways to start RogueKiller with the portable configuration file:
  • 1. Start RogueKiller in command line (with CMD.exe) and pass parameter -portable-license “path to your config file”.
  • 2. Or rename config file for “rk_config.ini”, and make sure it’s in the same directory as RogueKiller EXE file. Start RogueKiller by double clicking on it.

This is a video demonstrating how to register and use your Technician License: