This page regroups all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about RogueKiller. This page has been done to save a lot of time in support exchanges by answering the most commonly asked questions. Please read it entirely before contacting us.


Q – When I start RogueKiller, it stops with “Has encountered an unexpected error”. What does that mean?
A – Oops, this is a crash. A crash is a bug in the software, forcing it to quit. To track and fix it, please restart it and see if RogueKiller asks for crash dump sending. If it does, please send it as requested. If not, then please follow that forum thread to help us fixing it.
Q – When I start RogueKiller, it stops with a blue screen of death (BSoD). How to fix that?
A – Oops, this is a kernel crash. A crash is a bug in the software, forcing it to quit. To track and fix it, please follow that forum thread to help us fixing it.
Q – There are 3 different versions of RogueKiller available for download, which one do I choose?
A – It depends on if you are a Premium user or not. If you do, choose the installable version because it will pick the good one to you, and also install an Updater (for automatic updates). Otherwise, choose the one (32 bits / 64 bits) corresponding to your operating system (how do I know?). If you are not sure, choose the installable version and you can’t be wrong.
Q – What is expert mode? (in scan settings)
A – Expert mode enables certain scans and detections not available in normal mode. They are considered relevant only for technical people and thus are skipped in non-expert. This includes Antirootkit IAT scan module, and some PUM detections.


Q – RogueKiller has detected an Orange item, or a PUP/PUM item. What is it? Do I remove it?
A – Such detection is not directly harmful. For PUP’s, it’s most of the time unwanted (installed without consent, and/or having controversial behavior). For PUM’s it can be a user setting or a setting set by a malware. In any case, this cannot be harmful to remove or to leave so decision is left to user choice.
Q – RogueKiller has badly detected a legit program. Is it normal? How can I fix?
A – This is not normal, but fortunately easy to fix (most of the time) on our side. Please contact us and don’t forget to provide the detection report.
Q – I would like to customize RogueKiller detections. Is it possible?
A – Yes, this can be achieved even in the free version using the external scanner.
Q – RogueKiller antirootkit found green items. Is it malicious?
A – No, green items are shown for information only (not in logs, only user interface) because they are legit.
Q – RogueKiller antirootkit found items, but I can’t check them for deletion. Why?
A – Antirootkit is for diagnostic only. It shows hooks made in the system, and potentially suspicious. Hooks are a consequence, and never a cause of malicious activity. So it wouldn’t make any sense to remove them, hence why they are not proposed for removal. If you don’t know what to do with antirootkit entries, please ask us on the forum.
Q – RogueKiller detected a legit item under VT.Unknown. How can I remove the detection?
A – It means the file is unknown on VirusTotal. It’s probably because it’s quite new and hasn’t been uploaded yet. Simply accept the upload when asked. Once scanned (few minutes later), RogueKiller shouldn’t detect the file anymore, unless it’s malicious.


Q – I have purchased RogueKiller Premium, I didn’t received any key. What should I do?
A – First, look into the spam folder. If not found at all, try to recover it using the dedicated form.
Q – When I enter my key, the “OK” button is grayed out, and key is showing in red. What can’t I put my key?
A – This is because the key you entered/pasted doesn’t match the pattern. Usually, this is because you have some extra characters before or after the key (like spaces).
Q – When I enter my key, it says I have used all my instances, while I’m sure I don’t. What can I do?
A – This is not normal but can happen sometimes under certain circumstances (hardware change, re-install). Contact us and we’ll get you fixed.
Q – How do I renew an expired license?
A – From the product page, choose a period for renewal. Then, in the “Is your license outdated” box, enter your licensing information and click “Upgrade”. This will add an item to the cart, just proceed to checkout and the license will be extended.