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Malware Repository Framework (MRF) is a malware repository website, useful to manage your own malware zoo (for malware researchers mostly).


Deployment Support
Bug fixes
Features request

Open Source

Private use
Deployment Support : No
Bug fixes : Low priority
Features request: Low priority


Deployment Support : Up to 20 hours/year
Bug fixes : Top priority
Features request: Top priority

AuthorAdlice Software
File SizeUnknown
LicenseOpen Source (for private use), Premium
Operating SystemServer (needs PHP, MySQL)
Tags   analysis     automation     database     framework     malware     storage  

Based on Jquery-upload-file plugin, modified to handle a MySQL database.

MRF (Malware Repository Framework) is able to uniquely identify a sample (with HASH) and keep essential information (size, original name) into a database for quick search. MRF is also able to query Virus Total for a report on uploaded samples, and display the score on the dashboard (plus store the information in the database). You can also send tasks and retrieve results from a Cuckoo machine (optional, needs a cuckoo machine).



  • Self-hosted solution (PHP/Mysql server needed).
  • Can run on Synology NAS (with Web Station).
  • REST API (submit, delete, update, get), with API Key.
  • Authentication with modified UserCake.
  • Users Rights management.
  • VT results (unknown samples are uploaded).
  • Cuckoo results (needs a properly configured and functional cuckoo machine).
  • Samples ordered by descending date (limited to last 40 samples -by default-, with pagination).
  • Search filters available.
  • Vendor name is picked from VT results in that order: Microsoft, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes.
  • Vendor name can be edited.
  • Can add comments on samples.
  • Can add samples to favorites.
  • Can add tags to samples.
  • Can add urls to samples.
  • Easy to customize, with only one config file to change.
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